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Finished installing our tree for "Festival of Trees"
279 pieces of glass and 15 volunteers...Great team effort to support Quad City Arts!

I hope you make it to see the wonderful creations by so many supporting the arts in our community.
Thanks to our Design Team: 
Hot Glass: Joel Ryser, Logan Ryser, Adrian English, Kelvin Mason, Andrew Lehn, Justin O'Brien, Jotham Povich, Noah Schneider
GETT Industries: Timmy Edwards, Tim Miner, Jerry Haugen, Jayce VanHerzeele, Steve Reem, Dan Hall
Quad Cities Powder Coating: Dana ShewryType your paragraph here.

Thanks to:

Iowa Arts Council for a $10,000 Grant

Quad City Arts Dollar$ for a $5,000 Grant

The Doris and Victor Day Foundation for a $5,000 Grant

The Frederick Logan Companies for a $5,000 Grant

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Classes Sponsored by HavLife, Quad City Arts,

Iowa Arts Council,

and The Doris and Victor Day Foundation

Sharing The Glass Art Experience To Better Our Community

GREAT News for Hot Glass!


Offering talented high-school-student artists from underserved communities the opportunity to experience glass art at a new level.

The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass: July 24 - 31, 2016.

A week-long program at The Corning Museum of Glass for the top students in at-risk glass art programs around the United States. The outreach program includes airfare, lodgings, and meals for the duration. The itinerary blends instruction, touring the collections with curators, a visit to the Rakow Research Library, a meeting with a prominent collector, a discussion about preparing an artist's portfolio, and a presentation on applying to college with a focus on glassblowing. 

Hot Glass Inc. is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a scholarship to participate in the Expanding Horizons workshop at the Corning Museum of Glass in late July.  Joel Ryser, Executive Director, and Aaron Fischer, a student, were awarded a week long, all expense paid glass art experience with six other students from Non-Profit glass programs around the country who work with underserved youth.  They will encounter new opportunities and learn more about a career as a glass artist and also have the opportunity to get to know other budding artists from across the country in this unique opportunity.