Great News! 

Hubbell-Waterman Grant

On December 27, 2013, The Hubbell-Waterman Foundation has issued a matching challenge grant for $20,000 in support of start-up funds to open Hot Glass.  Hot Glass would like to thank the Hubbell-Waterman Foundation ‚Äč

Our Space has been transformed by some generous community members!

  • GETT Industries has built and donated 2 Annealing Ovens, 2 Marvering Tables, 2 Benches, and 2 Glory Holes with Rolling Yokes! Thanks to Timmy Edwards, Tim Miner, Steve Reem, and the employees at GETT.
  • Russell Electric/ The Electric Doctor has donated a transformer, all labor, and materials to power the entire shop! Thanks to Jeff Lanum, Steve Nelson, and Rod Borrows.
  • East Moline Glass has donated new windows! Thanks to Larry Anderson, Donny Lane and Eric Moore!
  • Thanks to John Liljequist of Davenport Printing Co.
  • Thanks to Con and Andy Flick, Ostrand Decorating, Richard and Nick Krantz, Justin O'Brien, Rich Hillier, Wayne Desmet, Shawn Mulvaney, Rich Hillyer, and Chris Welsh for the man hours in remodeling our space and helping with equipment.
  • Thanks to Guardian Glass and Pyxis Refractories Inc. for donations of refractory materials.
  • Thanks to Matt Bowman, Mike Runge, Mark Runge, and Luke Bowman of the  Plumber and Pipefitters Local 25 for helping install our glory holes!  Also JL Brady for fabricating the awesome cover for our blower!