Hot Glass Inc offers a unique model for using art as a means for intervention with youth. Teens are faced with a lack of positive activities for their age group.  Many of the activities like athletics foster an adversarial relationship as competition becomes more intense and some students are left off the team.  Art provides an opportunity for teens to have success without having to compete for a spot on the team or losing a game. At Hot Glass, no students are refused services based on their past behavior, grades, disabilities, or artistic talent. All of our youth programs are tuition-free to the student and funded through grants, schools, and corporate funds.  The program at Hot Glass is designed to provide youth with a life changing experience.  By working with glass, students develop essential skills including teamwork, communication, planning and decision-making, as well as specific job related applications.  Most importantly, they learn that they have the responsibility, and the power, to shape their own futures.    

Other than private or corporate donations and grants, Hot Glass will offer a variety of classes, corporate team building events, seasonal events, and annual sales to supplement operating costs.  All proceeds from these classes and events will be used to fund our youth programs.                                                                     


HOT GLASS INC. is a hands-on, non-profit shop dedicated to the instruction, presentation, interpretation, collection, documentation and preservation of the contemporary glass art movement with a special focus on team building for organizations. It will become the premier center for the advancement of glass art for the Greater Quad City Region.This “one-of-a-kind” facility will provide people of all ages (but particularly our youth) the opportunity to experience and enjoy glass art. Our goal is to connect all sectors of our community with diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and to improve life experiences through glass art.


HOT GLASS INC. is organized and shall operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Treasury, IRS Section 501(c)3. 

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Executive Director:

Joel Ryser has 26 years of Art Education Experience.